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A first shot on eclipse xml tempaltes

Posted in eclipse, plone on January 26, 2008 by toutpt

Most of text-types under eclipse can be templated throw the Window->Preference menu. Those templates can next be imported/exported. I have make a first shot for my work on plone, because next week i have a lot of profiles to write for some old style products. My first shot is available here under GNU GPL license.

Those xml templates are for:

  • cssregistry.xml
  • factorytool.xml
  • jsregistry.xml
  • skins
  • types/MyTypes.xml
  • types.xml
  • workflows.xml

The rest will come later:

  • workflows/MyWF/definitions.xml
  • toolset
  • rolemap
  • properties
  • propertiestool
  • memberdata_properties
  • mailhost
  • import_step
  • export_step
  • control_panel
  • contenttyperegistry
  • catalog
  • action_icons
  • actions

As i have said this one is a first shot, done in one hour, just to test, so now it needs to be improved.


Mylyn make eclipse out of memory

Posted in eclipse, linux, tip on January 26, 2008 by toutpt

This week i have discover that mylyn project is include in most of eclipse bundle. But this plugin make eclipse starve for memory… By the menu window->preferenc-> Show heap status, i have discover the acceleo bundle starting with a need of 180 MO with nothing opened. With a common eclipse (Pydev, WTP), my eclipse has an heap status of 35MO. With my project of doing a Plone2.5 generator with Acceleo, i want to have a UML editor (papyrus or topcased ?) and acceleo running perfectly.

You can find some pages about this memory problem with mylyn:

So start your eclipse, take a cofee, and then go to help-> software and update -> manage configuration. Desactive all mylyn integration plugin to be able to desactive mylyn plugin itself. Then restart your eclipse, it s ok.

With the acceleo bundle i have desactivate subversive, and mylyn, i m now around 40MO on the heap status. Now i m ready to make UML diagrams.

command line, copy faster

Posted in linux, tip on January 26, 2008 by toutpt

When you use the command line, and you know how to use it, you can be a lot more powerfull to make today’s task than with a common window manager. For example when you want to copy/paste a folder from one path to another, the command line goes really faster.

$ cp myfolder /path/to/another

cp command is really simple to learn and to use, compare to rsync command, but rsync is a lot faster. So i want here to show you a tip to fake cp using rsync. You just have to make an alias. On my laptop i m using OpenSuse10.3, so i just edit the file ‘.alias’ in my home folder to put this in it:

alias cp=”rsync -az”

Now i m continue to use cp, but faster than you ;)

Install Eclipse Europa under Linux

Posted in eclipse, python on January 9, 2008 by toutpt

Hi there, i have pass long time to try install my eclipse this week, so i want to keep a trace of this work. Here is it, a list of modules name with correct versions (that are working together).

  • eclipse (needeed for sure)
  • acceleo-runtime-2.1.1
    • mdt-uml2-SDK-2.1.1 (uml2 support)
    • (modeling framework)
  • wtp-wst-M-2.0.2 (web source editors like xml, html, …)
  • subclipse-1.2.4 (svn support)
  • pydev-1_3_10 (python support)

I will now give you some links to install all that:

That s it. I need to add Mylyn support (mylyn + pydev support), and a UML2 modeler (like topcased) to be ready for MDA production ! But i have a pb with GMF on downloads. I hope it will be soon fixed.

toutpt@work migrate to wordpress

Posted in Uncategorized on January 9, 2008 by toutpt

Hi there,

my last blog on blogspot tired me. I have try to share my post about Acceleo on planet acceleo . This can work, but you need to search which url for the RSS to give to just have the posts related to the category ‘acceleo’. Next i have discovered the html code generated by blogspot. It’s kind of a ‘pre’ formated. img are span tags.

All those reasons have decided me to change. So now lets going on pure plone, acceleo posts and see if wordpress is better than blogspot