Install Eclipse Europa under Linux

Hi there, i have pass long time to try install my eclipse this week, so i want to keep a trace of this work. Here is it, a list of modules name with correct versions (that are working together).

  • eclipse (needeed for sure)
  • acceleo-runtime-2.1.1
    • mdt-uml2-SDK-2.1.1 (uml2 support)
    • (modeling framework)
  • wtp-wst-M-2.0.2 (web source editors like xml, html, …)
  • subclipse-1.2.4 (svn support)
  • pydev-1_3_10 (python support)

I will now give you some links to install all that:

That s it. I need to add Mylyn support (mylyn + pydev support), and a UML2 modeler (like topcased) to be ready for MDA production ! But i have a pb with GMF on downloads. I hope it will be soon fixed.

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