A first shot on eclipse xml tempaltes

Most of text-types under eclipse can be templated throw the Window->Preference menu. Those templates can next be imported/exported. I have make a first shot for my work on plone, because next week i have a lot of profiles to write for some old style products. My first shot is available here under GNU GPL license.

Those xml templates are for:

  • cssregistry.xml
  • factorytool.xml
  • jsregistry.xml
  • skins
  • types/MyTypes.xml
  • types.xml
  • workflows.xml

The rest will come later:

  • workflows/MyWF/definitions.xml
  • toolset
  • rolemap
  • properties
  • propertiestool
  • memberdata_properties
  • mailhost
  • import_step
  • export_step
  • control_panel
  • contenttyperegistry
  • catalog
  • action_icons
  • actions

As i have said this one is a first shot, done in one hour, just to test, so now it needs to be improved.

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