Mylyn make eclipse out of memory

This week i have discover that mylyn project is include in most of eclipse bundle. But this plugin make eclipse starve for memory… By the menu window->preferenc-> Show heap status, i have discover the acceleo bundle starting with a need of 180 MO with nothing opened. With a common eclipse (Pydev, WTP), my eclipse has an heap status of 35MO. With my project of doing a Plone2.5 generator with Acceleo, i want to have a UML editor (papyrus or topcased ?) and acceleo running perfectly.

You can find some pages about this memory problem with mylyn:

So start your eclipse, take a cofee, and then go to help-> software and update -> manage configuration. Desactive all mylyn integration plugin to be able to desactive mylyn plugin itself. Then restart your eclipse, it s ok.

With the acceleo bundle i have desactivate subversive, and mylyn, i m now around 40MO on the heap status. Now i m ready to make UML diagrams.

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