A word about lorem ipsum (aka lipsum) generator and Python

Today i have made some fonctionnal tests with lorem ipsum text generator for Plone Selenium. The first thing i have done is to search for a python script to make text generation a la lipsum.

I have been surprised by the fact most of scripts i have found use text alerady generated. It s the case for :

But on the official web site we can find a python script : pypsum. I have used and derived that one to generate CSV file by that way:

python data_csv.py -a 10 -f paras:3:texte_paras:1:description_words:5:title -d articles10_20081210_02.csv

And then:

python selenium_html.py -c articles10_20081210_02.csv -d articles10_20081210_02.html -o addArticles
You can find all my tests here

For sure it’s Plone specific code for the selenum part, but i m pretty happy of the result. I can now create random content for any website very quickly.

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