build a zope 3.4 with Postgresql and YUI framework & get ready to work with

I just want to try to make a simple application with the best of current opensource technologies. Got a try with those one:

  • Python 2.5
  • Zope 3.4
  • Postgresql 8.3
  • SqlAlchemy 0.5
  • YUI 2.7
  • ZODB in Postgresql with RelStorage

I have take an hour to install this on my laptop, with the excellent virtualenv to build a copy of an already installed python in a directory.

/path/2/python/bin/virtualenv --no-site-packages /path/2/project

Next i have use zopeproject to install the last zope3 technologies. Now zopeproject use the KGS to set the version of eggs to use.

cd  /path/2/project
source bin/activate
easy_install zopeproject
zopeproject myproject

You get it, you have the last release of zope3.4 release. Now add the eggs you want to use

eggs = ...
#       chameleon.zpt require zope.i18n > 3.4

modify your zope.conf to configure RelStorage:

%import relstorage
      # The dsn is optional, as are each of the parameters in the dsn.
      dsn dbname='zope' user='zope' host='localhost'

Now, you get your zope3.4 running on python2.5 and store the zodb data in postgresql. I have lost most of the time on RelStorage and postgresql configuration. I’m to work with all those technologies.

I will work on making a simple blog in pure zope3, and next i will try to make the same application with SqlAlchemy.

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