My first patch ! Improve performance of Plone.

I m proud of it, so I want to blog about it. Let me tell you the story of my first patch on Plone.

Two students from ‘Ecole polytechnique de l université de Nantes‘ has worked for me during 6 month. They have discover so much technologies:

  • Python
  • Zope
  • Plone
  • JMeter

Their subject was : “Just improve authentication performance of Plone”. They do not have succeed in doing this, but they has showed me some graphics where i have found a performance issue: the user properties. So i have kept Nasreddine BERCHIDA for the summer to continue on this. Thuesday 7 July, he has found that enumerateUsers from was the source code that matters.

We have done a report with funkload with lots of users and got it: lots of green means performance improved.

The patch is about to be merged (I hope).

mailing list discussion
bug tracker ticket (need a account)

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