Plone has lots of features. collective.remove is a project to remove some features from Plone and be usefull to integrators.

Why ? My customer don’t need them and for performance purpose, it’s good to remove things not used.

What ? This project has three eggs at the moment:

To know what to remove, it’s per project need. For example I’m using TinyMCE on my last project, so I have removed kupu. Vicent Fretin tells me rules tab permission check is slow and I don’t need it. Limi has tweet kss make Plone slower so I have removed it.

The goal is to remove one thing at a time when a feature is not needed. Most of the time I was doing this in the policy but I have written the same thing multiple times, so lets released it in a reusable package.

It is more than uninstall profiles. It is uninstall packages.

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