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Posted in plone on February 10, 2011 by toutpt

The idea is simple. Let Plone manage the content and the portlet be simply a small browser view.

Plone is content centric, but a web page need to display more than the current content. This is why I have created this add-on. The add form let you choose one content item (like in the collection portlet) and a view mode. The default view is covering all plone content type.

There are many examples to cover, to show you how it is simple to use and to add support for.
I have already add conditional support with So now you can choose a content item to act as gallery in a portlet (link, folder or topic + ‘Gallery’ view in Itemview portlet). The same has been done on nmd.plonelinkasvideoembed, so you can publish a video from a link content item.

Comments and feed back are welcome !
This package is on pypi